Image credit: Jordan Steranka via Unsplash

Image credit: Jordan Steranka via Unsplash

I drove about 1000 km to Tennant Creek and then about another 600km to Santa Teresa the following day.

It was a long way and I was driving by myself. I took a thermos of coffee and some food with the intention of stopping for rest and refreshment in the bush.

Obviously, I had plenty of time by myself.

I welcomed the solitude since I spend a lot of time in various interactions with others.

I enjoy being with people, I enjoy ‘being useful’.

I found that the first day was mostly unwinding. I listened to music and really enjoyed the bush as I drove.

After spending the night at the Tennant Creek Presbytery, a pleasant meal with the Parish Priest, a good night’s sleep, I drove off.

I found myself being more in touch with my inner thoughts and remembering my childhood.

I also found myself praying more.

I was reminded yet again about the great value of solitude.

We all need some solitude. Not everyone is able to have a whole day on their own.

Yet I believe that whatever time we have of solitude will be of great benefit for our prayer life and spiritual journey.

Sitting down quietly in our bedroom, or in the garden or some other quiet space even for a few minutes is always of benefit.

It is also good to be consciously aware of being with God and open to listening in the silence of our hearts.


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