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Today is the feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus.

This phenomenon happened shortly before the passion and death of Jesus.

He took Peter, James and John with him onto a mountain. There Jesus is transfigured, his clothes became dazzlingly white, Moses and Elijah appear and were talking with Jesus. A cloud came overshadowing them and the voice of The Father says ‘This is my Son the Beloved listen to Him‘.

The Apostles are amazed, frightened and bewildered at the same time!

They also want to hold on to the experience.

Then they look up and see only Jesus.

Moses and Elijah represent the Law and the Prophets. Jesus fulfils them both.

The Father shows his seal of approval of Jesus.

In view of what is to happen shortly, Jesus is reassured and the Apostles are also reassured.

They want to hold on to the Theophany, this amazing experience.

Hopefully, we have all had some ‘God’ moments, some experience of transcendence.

A beautiful experience of nature, a sunrise or a sunset, a magnificent scene, the roaring ocean etc.

Or the presence of the sacred in prayer, a retreat or an experience of deep and altruistic love with someone etc…

Understandably we want to hold on to these beautiful moments.

However, life is often not like this!

We experience pain, sadness, grief and other challenges.

We have our own passion and death.

But the story of Jesus does not end in death. He is Risen and His story is a never-ending story.

We share in Resurrection. Sometimes we lose sight of this. Like the Apostles we need reassurance!

The Apostles were given Jesus as their guide and told to listen to him.

He is our way, our truth, our life!


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