Image credit: Evi Odioko via Unsplash

Image credit: Evi Odioko via Unsplash

The journey from the head to the heart needs to be about relationships.

We can talk about God, we can talk about spirituality, we can talk about ideals.

However, we will stay in the head if there is no engagement.

The spiritual life is about relationships. It is about action.

Faith without works is dead.

When we truly love others without expectations, walking the extra mile with someone, when we listen and spend time with someone that others do not spend time with, when we are true to commitments, we meet God.

Aspirations are good, they are a great start. However, they are not enough.

A young man trying to pick up courage to ask a young lady out will not fulfil his dream until he starts by actually talking to her and piping the question.

We can think about prayer, think about reaching out to others, think about helping the poor, think about letting go of bad habits, but we will stay in the head unless we act.

Today is the feast of St Augustine Zhao Rong.

He was a Chinese soldier who escorted St Jean Gabriel Taurin Dufresse to his death as a martyr.

He was so moved by the experience that he asked for Baptism. He was eventually martyred himself!

Again, it is about Seeing, Judging, Acting.

It is about cooperating with grace.


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