Image credit: Shane Rounce via Unsplash

Image credit: Shane Rounce via Unsplash

I write from Wurrumiyanga here on the Tiwi Islands.

I was invited to pray with a sick young adult yesterday.

When I arrived, there was a significant number of people at the house.

As I explained what the anointing was about, they listened attentively.

As I lay my hands on the two people (they asked me to pray on another young adult) there was connection and prayer.

These people are deeply spiritual.

There was a deep connection with our shared humanity but also our shared Faith.

We spoke about the obstacles that can block us from being healthy human beings and the positive actions that we can undertake to make this more possible.

Everywhere I go here, there is a connection.

It is very much like family. It is Church family.

I went away from that gathering enriched, reflecting on God’s relationship with us.

Jesus called God Abba which means Dad or Daddy. I think that that is very true, but as parts of the scripture remind us, God is also Mum or Mummy.

As I Minister here and elsewhere, I want to channel both these attributes, as well as I am a brother and a fellow traveller.

In many ways, we all need healing, we all carry some wounds. We are an amazing, wonderful masterpiece capable of much good. However, we can also let our human frailty, or weakness blind us to the potential of the good that we are capable of.

Part of our mission is to be enablers and wounded healers with each other. We need to remind each other of our potential and that we carry a spark of the divine within us.


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