Image credit: Chris Liu via Unsplash

Image credit: Chris Liu via Unsplash

“I am the bread of life. The one who comes to Me will never be hungry, and the one who believes will never thirst.”

Today’s Gospel follows from last Sunday where Jesus fed thousands from the little that the Disciples had.

They come searching for Him. They want more. However, they are missing the point about the real food that He can offer them.

Jesus wants to nourish their greater need.

He wants the greater good for them.

Our hearts are restless until they rest in God.

We try to fill a certain void within us by what ultimately leaves us empty.

For some, it is the pursuit of power. For others: greed, others: addictions to food, drink, promiscuity, alcohol or other chemicals.

We are invited to trust Jesus. We are invited to have Faith.

We are invited to stop and think, to reflect.

What choices have I made today?

Are they all good choices?

Jesus gives us the courage not to give up even if we have made mistakes, sinned.

He forgives and heals. He constantly and lovingly invites us to renewal. He calls it being born again.

He invites us to make choices and not to drift, good choices with His help.

He desires, wishes, for us to be Fully Alive!


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