Image credit: Catholic Saint Medals

Image credit: Catholic Saint Medals

Martha was the sister of Lazarus who Jesus raised from the dead; she is also the sister of Mary.

There is an incident in the Gospel where Jesus is speaking, and Mary is listening to Him.

Martha is busy preparing food etc.

She asks Jesus to tell Mary to come and help her! Jesus encourages her not to worry and fret about so many things!

Was Jesus saying that cooking and household chores are not important?

Since work is a way of making love visible, I am sure that He is not saying that they are not important.

It is fretting and worrying that he is discouraging, not the work in its proper place.

Pope Francis in one of his letters reminds us that we are all called to be holy.

He brings the examples of busy parents working hard to look after their family as a way of being holy.

St Therese of Lisieux spoke of being holy in the ‘Little Way’, by doing small things well.

The intentionality of seeing work as an act of love as well as intentionally seeing it as a partnership with God in God’s providence and care of others.


There are many vocations, contemplation as well.

As contemplation and action are both good pathways to holiness.


Excessive activity is not good but then neither is laziness!


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