Image credit: Jeremy Bishop via Unsplash

Image credit: Jeremy Bishop via Unsplash

We are often disappointed when things do not work out as we would like them to.

So many plans have been disrupted by the pandemic.

We have become so used to the accessibility of things.

When my grandparents migrated to Australia from Malta in 1948, my mother, their daughter, was already married to my father and remained behind with him.

She did not see them and her siblings for 16 years until we came across in 1965 and it took us almost four weeks by boat.

My grandparents never went back.

We have become so used to fast travel.

We have a tendency to suffer from inertia, i.e., so often we do not like change and ‘disruption’ to our lifestyles.

There is a practice in Zen to see a tree with the leaves in the ground and the roots in the air. It is an exercise so that you will eventually see the roots in the ground again and the leaves in the air.

This exercise helps one to see the tree as it is and not as we would like to see it.

Jesus said that the truth will set us free.

The truth as God sees it, as it is and not as we try to ‘manage’ or imagine it to be.

He who hates his life will find it is another challenging quote from Jesus. Does God want us to really hate our lives??

Of course not! He speaks about a detachment that brings freedom. We need to be free from carrying excess baggage.

Disruption is a common experience in spiritual growth.

A floor can look very messy with water spilt on it when one is washing it.

There is a certain order in disorder as long as we are lost in the heart of Our Creator who Is Love.


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