Image credit: Joe Hepburn via Unsplash

Image credit: Joe Hepburn via Unsplash

In today’s Gospel, Jesus feeds thousands of people in a miracle. From five loaves and two fish, he feeds a huge crowd.

From the little that the Apostles were able to find, much happened because Jesus was with them.

From the little that we have, much can happen. We are called to be people of hope. When we look at the challenges around us, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed.

However, we have a firm promise that we are not alone. We cannot judge the value and effectiveness of what we do just based on externals.

Tomorrow is also the feast of St’s Joachim and Anne, the grandparents of Jesus. In the church, we celebrate Grandparents’ Day.

In many cultures, the Elderly have traditionally been celebrated as fonts of wisdom.

Our culture in many western countries is obsessed with the beauty of youth. There is correspondingly an ignoring of the beauty and wisdom of our Elders.

Wise is the thoughtful person who values things Old and New.


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