Image credit: Tom Carnegie via Unsplash

Image credit: Tom Carnegie via Unsplash

I was very amazed recently how many people believe conspiracy stories.

Sometimes there are those who are uncomfortable with something that challenges their preconceptions and then seem to hold on to any opinion that tries to discredit it and then believe this opinion!

I have seen some amazing claims about Pope Francis which are absolutely untrue.

They are made by people who are challenged by some aspect of his teaching.

I have seen people demonise others who think differently from them and either makeup stories themselves or blindly believe stories made up by others.

Social media is a wonderful gift if used wisely. However, it can also be misused and spread calumny and very false information that sometimes has bad and even dangerous consequences.

People in isolation can on their own be sometimes more prone to these conspiracy theories and opinions.

It is wise to have mature and knowledgeable people to check information with.

Sometimes we want to pick and choose as to what is true or not.

Truth is truth and not something that we make up.


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