Image credit: Isaac Quesada via Unsplash

Image credit: Isaac Quesada via Unsplash

Jesus and the disciples are tired. They set off by boat to a lonely place where they could be by themselves to rest.

When they arrive, the people are waiting for them. He sees that they are like sheep without a shepherd. He spends time at length with them.


Jesus does what he does because he loves. It is not just a duty. He does it generously, lovingly.


It reminds us of a mother who had worked hard all day. Her baby cries three or four times during the night. She badly needs her rest. However, she gets up and looks after the child in a loving way.


A father comes home from work, it had been a long and hard day. However, he had promised his young son to kick the footy with him when he came home. He keeps his promise.


How generous am I?


The person who many others find boring, needs someone to listen to him.


The person who talks too much, is very lonely and needs someone to love them and spend time with them.


What about those who need to hear the good news of Jesus. Are you prepared to find creative ways of doing so?


We are reminded that Jesus is never too tired to be there for us.


God does not give up on us when we sin or make bad choices.

He is always there for us, healing our wounds, restoring us to life.


Those of us with responsibility are reminded to nurture the ‘sheep’. While the pastors have a very special role to play in the care of God’s people, all share in caring for each other, especially those in the most need.


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