Image credit: SpaceX via Unsplash

Image credit: SpaceX via Unsplash

This week Sir Richard Branson‘s flight on Virgin Galactic flight into space hit the news everywhere.

Indeed it was a wonderful achievement of science, technology. It also cost a lot of money.

There are more such flights planned by other very wealthy people.

The advancement of science, the inquiring mind of humanity and our thirst for adventure and excitement are wonderful things.

However, there are also other considerations that need reflection.

In the story of the Tower of Babel in the book of Genesis humanity arrogantly tries to build a tower to reach up to heaven by their own efforts alone without God. Confusion follows.

In the Gospel, Jesus tells the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. The rich man feasts magnificently every day while the poor man Lazarus has virtually nothing.

Our planet is suffering from abuse. There is still great disparity between the very rich countries like Australia and so many other places where so many have so little. Children die from preventable causes, child labour is common, many are malnourished and even starve. Many are deprived of basics.

As Sir David Attenborough tells us we know more about the surface of the moon than what is at the bottom of our oceans.

As Catholic Christians, we believe in the common good. That is the good of the individual as well as the good of others.

All things come from God and we do not have absolute rights over possessions. We believe in the principle of Justice with love.

In the end, a Christian needs to discern what God is inviting us to do and how to best use our possessions.

I repeat I am not suggesting that we limit progress. However, we need to keep in mind that the end does not necessarily justify the means.

There is much need for reflection here.


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