Image credit: Sean Oulashin via Unsplash

Image credit: Sean Oulashin via Unsplash

As I write this reflection, I am looking at the sea on Melville Island. It is a sparkling blue sea, reflecting the light from the sun.

Fish are jumping in the water. A gentle breeze is blowing.

I celebrated mass here with the community at the local church. It is a great community, everybody in the congregation is Aboriginal, people of great faith. Mass has been celebrated on Melville for 80 years.

We had a time of fellowship with a morning tea. I went away energised.

I looked at my emails and found a mixture of things. One person was unhappy about something, for a good reason.

I also heard about a friend back in my former parish who is facing a very serious operation.

I rang him and we had a great chat, hope and faith-filled.

I sat here and prayed for a while.

I looked at the sparkling sea, ancient and ever fresh. It is a reminder of eternal promise and faithfulness.

A reminder of a God, present to us in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, faithful at all times.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying a butterfly flying past and the twitter of the birds in the trees around.


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