Image credit: Richard Bell via Unsplash

Image credit: Richard Bell via Unsplash

I came across a saying recently:

“When it rains play in the puddles.”

It reminded me of my hiking days in the Tasmanian outback in the mountains.

The countryside was magnificent, spectacular, however, the pathway that I was walking on was muddy with water puddles.

I often started by carefully dodging the wet parts of the path. I would spend my energy looking at the path and not taking in the amazing scenery! It was also slowing my progress in an eighty-kilometre walk.

I decided to walk right through the mud and enjoy the amazing country.

After all, I was in a rainforest.

We spend so much time wishing that things were different instead of making the most of what we have, of what is there!

God promised to turn to good everything for us. Do I really believe this?

What about the serenity prayer?

“Lord help me to change what I can that needs to change.
Help me to accept what I cannot change.
Give the wisdom to know the difference.”


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