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Blessed Peter To Rot was born on the Melanesian Island of New Britain, now part of Papua New Guinea. Today we celebrate his feast day.

He was a Catechist, a married man with three children.

The Japanese occupied the island during world war two.

They put the Missionaries and Mission staff in concentration camps.

Peter took on the responsibility of taking Communion to the sick, to Baptise, to take care of the sick and other Ministries.

The Church building had been destroyed by the Japanese who did their best to stop the spread of Christian activity both public and private.

Peter was arrested and killed. He died because of his faith Commitment.

He was a second-generation Catholic but there was doubt about the strength of his Faith.

All the baptised are commissioned to build up the Church, the body of Christ, not just the Priests and Religious.

The Ministry of Catechist is a lay Ministry.

We need good Catechists who are available to share the Faith with others, blessed Peter is a great example to us all.

It is possible to take this wonderful gift of Faith for granted.

We are called to a Faith both ancient and new.


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