Image credit: Ben White via Unsplash

Image credit: Ben White via Unsplash

A few days ago, I heard that someone connected to my family by marriage and who I consider a friend was given some very worrying news regarding his health.

The condition is life-threatening.

We spoke by phone because of the tyranny of distance.

He was very realistic and very aware of the seriousness of the condition. He was also very trusting that God is with him.

I felt sad about this situation, that my friend, this good man was in.

However, we also spoke as two people of faith. Despite the sadness, there was also hope and a real peacefulness.

I promised him my prayers and that I will stay in touch. I reminded both of us about living day by day.

Knowing the truth about our physical health is important. However, it is also true that we live in mystery. We are sustained by love and faith.

We are surrounded and held by love.

The real story of the death and resurrection of Jesus is our story and sustains us.


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