Image credit: Catholic Diocese Office - Darwin NT

Image credit: Catholic Diocese Office – Darwin NT

As I write it is raining heavily here in Darwin. It is the dry season and not supposed to rain! The rain is heavy and a surprise. A pleasant surprise for me being a gardener.

Life can be full of the unexpected. It is normal for things not to be normal”.

If we have only Plan A in life without being open to Plan B, C, D, etc, then we are going to be unhappy.

The person of one idea, one book, one ideology will end up with a very narrow view of life.

Life is full of mystery and an invitation to encounter and journey.

We are invited to relationship and engagement with mystery.

We are forever learning.

Does this mean that we cannot ever know reality or be sure of anything?

We can know reality and we do know, as long as we also understand that we are forever learning and that our understanding is limited because we are limited.

The Wisdom of God keeps calling us into a forever unfolding mystery of Life and Love.

The Holy Spirit guides us to an ever-increasing insight and broadening of our understanding of revelation.

In Jesus, God keeps revealing to us mysteries that we could have never worked out by ourselves.

The Holy Spirit keeps calling us forth beyond our personal and cultural limitations into deeper wisdom and insight as we engage in harmony with the rhythm and the dance of life.


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