Image credit: Josh Calabrese via Unsplash

Image credit: Josh Calabrese via Unsplash

On Sunday afternoon I met with a group of four men and five women from the Cathedral Parish Council.

We spent three hrs together praying and reflecting together.

There were two ordained people including me and the rest were not ordained.

We gathered as a group of disciples of Jesus discerning how God was calling to us to serve our parish family.

We gave thanks for the things which we wanted to celebrate. We named areas that we can serve better in.

We also started on a plan of action on how to start implementing those areas where new initiatives need to happen.

Collaborative ministry in a Synodical church is something that Pope Francis has been encouraging and inviting us to.

He has modelled this himself already and keeps encouraging us to move even further in Faith and Trust.

All the baptised are Disciples of Jesus.

We all have unique gifts and talents and vocations within the one big family of the Church.

To be Christian is to be fully human, fully alive. The Church is fully alive only when all members seek the will of God and when all contribute to the common good with their various gifts, skills, and talents.

It is, of course, the Lord who builds the house otherwise in vain do the builders labour!

So, we see, judge and act in partnership with Jesus.


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