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Today is the feast of Saint Romuald, he was a medieval man who founded an order of hermits.

I was reminded of Fr Rom Barry CM one of my seminary teachers.

Fr Rom was a scripture scholar and taught me Old Testament scripture including some very basic Hebrew.

He was somewhat eccentric but a delightful person. He had a happy disposition to life and was very respectful to the students at the seminary.

I remember him fondly and with gratitude.

I am grateful to my seminary teachers who gave their lives in the service of God and the formation of future priests.

I was talking to a newly appointed rector of a seminary this week.

I shared with him how important it is to form servant Leader priests who will sacrifice their lives in the service of God and of God’s people.

We all need good teachers; we all need ongoing learning.

Life-long learning in the search for true knowledge and wisdom is for all.

As disciples of Jesus, it is a privilege to be teachers of the faith by word and example.

Of course, we are not all called to be formal teachers, there are many gifts.

However, we are all called to be salt of the earth and light of the world.


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