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Jesus and the apostles are on a boat. Jesus falls asleep.

A storm breaks and the apostles fearful for their lives wake him up in a panic. He calms the storm and challenges their lack of faith.

In the first reading of this Sunday God reminds Job that God is God and that there is much that Job cannot understand. He is also called to trust.

Like Job and the apostles, we are called to trust not just when we understand but also when we don’t.

We are not called to a blind and reckless faith. God is eminently and totally trustworthy. Jesus and His story, a real story, with a real message, reveals to us that God is Love, that we matter absolutely to God.

In Jesus, God enters our pain and even our death. Jesus’s story, his drama is also our story.

Just like God the Father stays faithful to Jesus, God also stays faithful to us.

We share in the Resurrection of Jesus just as truly as we share in his death.

Whatever the storms of our lives are God will be there for us.

Even if we cannot feel God’s presence or God seems to be “asleep”, God will never let us down or not be there for us.

Jesus kept on trusting His Abba (Father) even when he exclaimed on the cross “My God, My God why have you abandoned me!”

In sickness, in grief, in family issues, in sadness, in times of stress, and in all other challenges we are secure in God’s faithful love.

God never breaks God’s promises.


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