Image credit: Mosoianu Bogdan via Unsplash

I was ministered to recently by a very sick lady.
She was orphaned very young with the death of her mother. She had to help bring up younger siblings. This meant that she was deprived of much formal education.

She married young, had a happy marriage, and brought up seven children with much care and loving sacrifice.
She looked after her sick mother first when she was still a girl, then looked after her ailing in-laws.

Her daughter died young leaving behind three children.
She also nursed her husband as his health deteriorated, suffering from dementia, and then dying.

Now she was very sick. However, her faith remained strong. She was surrounded by a loving extended family who was nursing her.

She was convinced that she would be gathered with her loved ones who had gone before her, in the next stage of Life, In Eternal Life.
As I listened to her, I could see and feel how real all this was for her. I was deeply reminded of these core beliefs.

I was reminded of what really matters.
This lady was true to her commitments.
This gave her real freedom.

I watched her gaze at her two-week-old great-granddaughter with deep loving eyes. She has 85 descendants; I was deeply touched by the mystery of Love.

Lord, give us an open heart to be ministered too! Help us to truly hear and to truly live.


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