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We are all special, all unique all gifted.
Every human being from the moment of conception onwards is sacred. In fact, we are eternally loved in the heart of the eternal God!
We can do so much with the amazing developments of the various sciences.   
We can get overwhelmed with our power and forget some fundamental things.

The beautiful deeply symbolic story of “Adam and Eve” in the book of Genesis, as well as the other symbolic story of “The Tower of Babel” both, speak some profound truths

When we forget that God is God and we are not, we end up making a mess!

It is good to celebrate our successes, there is a place for healthy pride rewarding hard work in research.

However, we cannot play God!

Scientists working in Nazi Germany did some terrible experiments on human beings!!
They also exterminated the “weak ‘links in human evolution”.

Our abortion and euthanasia practices are leading us on a dangerous path.

In the last 44 years, I have walked with so many people who were dying, I know that it is not easy.
I also know that we can do so much to help people die with dignity without resorting to euthanasia.
I have seen so many deal with unfinished business and die very peacefully.

These are complex matters and need wise and reflective answers.

Respect for the dignity of the human person is of paramount importance.

The teachings of Christ and the wisdom of Christian teaching have much to contribute to this conversation.

Many conversations in the public arena about these and related matters often lack deep enough reflection.

It is important not to act without the deeper Spirit-led wisdom.

Yours in Christ,

+Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin & NT


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