Image credit: Bernard Hermant via Unsplash

Image credit: Bernard Hermant via Unsplash

It had been a big week! So much had happened that was powerful, confronting and rather draining at the same time. It was also a time of healing.

I joined the community of priests for morning prayer in the chapel.

We were praying the rosary as we normally do before morning prayer.

The rhythm of the prayer gently led to the inner self in a very simple yet real way.

It was about the bare face of faith. All of us in the room were joined by faith, very real faith, almost childlike.

It threw me back to childhood faith, simple, real, trusting, grounding.

It connected me with those who had been part of my life and had gone before us into the fullness of life, as well as those present in the room and beyond.

Our faith United us.

Underpinning all the important activities of the week is this timeless connection with a profound yet simple deeper reality.

We are held and absolutely loved.

The words of Julian of Norwich came to mind, “all will be well, all things will be well, all manner of thing will be well”.

It is about inner freedom that is connected with both detachment and trust.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola calls this detachment an indifference that comes from a commitment to choosing the greater good.

Yours in Christ,

+Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin & NT


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