Image credit: Stefan Widua via Unsplash

Image credit: Stefan Widua via Unsplash

Jesus used examples from nature to speak about the kingdom of God.

As a gardener, I delight to see new life develop as seeds sprout.

There is an enchantment in nature that resonates with a sense of awe within us. There is mystery.

The kingdom of God is God’s initiative. It is the action of God unfolding God’s plan.


We are partners in that plan and can indeed reap a good harvest. We cannot always see how things come together.


From small actions, small things, great things can indeed happen.


When we lose our sense of enchantment, we become short-sighted. When we reduce reality to simply cognitive i.e., ‘head’ stuff, we only see part of the big picture.


Expressions of Love, altruistic actions, the appreciation of beauty, the arts, music are much more than head stuff.


The intellect is important of course!

While being committed to lifelong learning we also need to be humble and recognise our limitations.


As people of hope trusting in the promises of Jesus, we are invited to remain committed to our mission of spreading the good news not just when we can see results but always.

Yours in Christ,

+Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin & NT


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