Image credit: DDP via Unsplash

Image credit: DDP via Unsplash

In the scriptures, we are told that Mary pondered all these things in her heart.

When Simeon spoke to her at the presentation of Jesus, she listened and then reflected.


Mary is a great role model of commitment and fidelity. Both these attributes require reflection as well as action.

Many of us lead fast lives, we are seldom alone for long.


While it is possible and good to capture the moments, to just stop even for a minute or two, and to be aware of feelings reactions, etc., there is also a place for deliberately setting some time aside just to do this.


Mary models deep listening to the Holy Spirit. What draws me to deeper peace, to a sense that this is right, what calls me to greater integrity, what calls me to greater love, to the greater good?

Where is God in all this?

What might God be saying to me?


Taking time to ponder purifies our hearts, mind, and spirit.

Yours in Christ,

+Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin & NT


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