Image credit: Jonathan Dick, OSFS via Unsplash

Image credit: Jonathan Dick, OSFS via Unsplash

Today is the feast of the Sacred Heart.

The heart has been the symbol of love in music, poetry, and prose for Millenia.

It is such a powerful and essential part of our bodies; we cannot live without it!

The Sacred Heart of Jesus represents the absolute and unconditional love of God manifested in Jesus Christ.

God is love. In Jesus, God became flesh so that He could spell out the extent of God’s love in the clearest way that we can know.

A lance pierced the heart of Jesus on the cross. They wanted to make sure that he was dead. He died on the cross for the ones that he loves, i.e., for all!  This image is a beautiful symbol of Jesus giving everything for us, even his life.

The Sacred Heart calls us to share our hearts with others. The one who loves can also experience much pain, it can be the price for loving.

The faithfulness of Jesus also spurs us on to never tire from loving.

While some of the symbols depicting the Sacred Heart in the art are dated, the reality that they represent is perennial i.e., for all time.

Yours in Christ,

+Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin & NT


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