Image credit: Hakan Nural via Unsplash

Image credit: Hakan Nural via Unsplash

Last Friday I received the Corona Virus Vaccine.

I received the one available for the over 50s.

I grew up with our family story of how the Spanish Flew pandemic killed my grand grandfather in the prime of his life and left behind a widow with four children the youngest of whom was my grandmother.

I am very conscious of what Corona 19 has done to India etc.

I am also very much aware of what would especially happen to our First Nations people here in the NT if the virus became community transmitted. It would be absolutely devastating.

We all take risks in life and virtually every medical procedure has risks. It is a matter of proportionality and the greater good.

I believed that it was a moral imperative for me to be vaccinated, I meet so many people and I am entering so many communities including many Aboriginal communities. The last thing I want is to be a carrier!

I encourage all to be vaccinated who can as an act of charity and love for so many vulnerable people.

We are so blessed here in Australia to comparatively have so many more available opportunities to be protected from this terrible illness.

It is also important in the interests of decent humanity and justice for vaccines to be available for poorer countries.

The common good calls us to rise above selfishness and looking only after our own.

10 June 2021

10 June 2021


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