Image credit: Artem Maltsev via Unsplash

Image credit: Artem Maltsev via Unsplash

Last Sunday I went to St. Francis of Assisi Church at Humpty Doo to celebrate Sunday Mass since the local parish priest was unable to be there.

It was a lovely celebration with a beautiful community. More than half the congregation was Vietnamese and indeed the beautiful singing was in Vietnamese.

There were also other people from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

At the end of Mass, I was farewelling people at the door.

One mother came to me and said that ‘“John (it is not his true name) would like to ask you a question”. I said that that was fine.

John comes out, he was about 7 or so years old.

“Why do you wear that pink hat?” he asked.

“Because that is what a Bishop wears,” I said.

“Why is it pink?” John asked. “Because it is the colour of blood and since the Apostles were killed because of their faith, and since the Bishop represents the Apostles, I am reminded that I need to stay strong in my faith like they did” I replied.

After John left I reflected on how good it was that John’s mother had encouraged him to ask me that question!

There is nothing wrong with questions!
When I was growing up I questioned everything. I questioned God’s existence and all my faith.

When I told my priest that I was questing my faith, he smiled and said “that is normal, you are growing up”. He answered my questions but respected my intellectual space.

Someone I know spoke to his priest with a similar question and was blasted!!!

God gave us brains to use them.

We need good teachers of the faith who follow God’s example.

He does not force, God lovingly invites and totally respects us.

9 June 2021

9 June 2021


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