Image credit: John Towner via Unsplash

Image credit: John Towner via Unsplash

I have just had one of those mornings!
Someone was angry on the phone, someone sent a letter of complaint, it just went on.
As I look back on my reactions, I realise how much these things can affect us.

Meanwhile, other responsibilities also had to be addressed.
I shared with someone how I was feeling.
I also had a moment of prayer.
I found the prayer very grounding It put things back into a sense of perspective.

I felt a sense of being somewhat overwhelmed, too many things, too much to deal with all at once.

I am sure that I am not unique in having similar experiences. Parents with sick children feeling overwhelmed with a multitude of other things, someone dealing with serious family issues, major financial or employment challenges, and many other issues!

Opening ourselves to the grace and the presence of God is energising.

Things still have to be dealt with; they mostly do not go away.
However, there are also good things in our lives. We can still be grateful for them.

We can deal with one thing at a time, we cannot always resolve everything.
With God’s grace, we can address challenges.

It is not about denial; it is about proportionality and hope.
There is always hope!

26th May 2021

26th May 2021


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