Image credit: John Moeses Bauan via Unsplash

Image credit: John Moeses Bauan via Unsplash

Caution is not a bad thing in itself. Unnecessary and stupid risks often lead to bad ends.

However, without some risk-taking, we never learn to walk or ride a bicycle or drive a car. No new discoveries would happen.

We would stagnate.

Some are by nature optimists. Some others are pessimists, most are a mixture of both.

I remember a wise old man who was a bird breeder, I have a hobby of breeding birds in an aviary.

He told me “If the birds are not breeding do something different. Put in some new straw or other nesting materials, etc”.

Our thinking needs constant exposure to renewal, lateral thinking etc.

We need to keep challenging ourselves not to get stuck or immobilised.

We can become short-sighted, not see the big picture.

In church life, we can get stuck in “maintenance” and not “Mission”.

Action and reflection, reflection and action can lead to new insights, a broadening of ideas and understanding.

Just as cold water will extinguish a flame, we can stifle the actions of the Holy Spirit when we are trapped in a safe and mediocre way.

Old and new both working together.

In our heads and hearts echoes the words of Jesus who made all things new.


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