Have we been like a runaway train..charging through life?

Have we been like a runaway train..charging through life?

I hear people talk about the ‘new normal’ and asking the question whether life will ever be the same again.

I believe that life is always changing. From what science tells us, everything is changing.

What can appear static to us has so much movement, so much energy interaction. Microscopic study of matter has shown us the presence of subatomic particles, etc. When we look at the sky we see in the heavenly bodies, what has been! Some of the light coming from them has travelled huge distances over many, many years to reach us. Our own bodies are in constant change.

We have expectations of what normality should be.

A few days ago I went for an appointment to a house where it was planned that we discuss some important pastoral matters. As I arrive, two lots of visitors were entering the same driveway to visit the people that I had prearranged to meet.

I was warmly greeted and entered the home with the visitors. It was obvious that I had to quickly make a decision, I obviously could not discuss the matters that had been planned with the homeowners. So I spoke in a friendly manner to all and made another appointment for two days later.

With the passage of time I have learnt how important it is to be ‘flexible’. The person of one plan is as miserable as the person of one idea!

Flexibility and a healthy detachment are a pre-requisite for happiness!

It is so important not to have an exaggerated sense of our importance!

Someone was telling me today that their friends in one of the big cities overseas told them that they could see the blue sky again! The cars had stopped moving in the numbers that they used to because of restrictions caused by the Coronavirus. They could breathe more healthier again as well!

Families talk of spending more time at home.

Are we going to learn to stop and reflect on our expectations? Our reactions? Our practises?

Maybe we have been like a runaway train, charging through life at the expense of the quality of life.

There are some constants in our lives. With the eyes of faith we know that God’s love is unconditional. We know, through Jesus, that we matter absolutely to God, and so does every other human being.

We know if we seek first the Kingdom of God that we can react to the rest of life from this prospective.

Yes, everything is changing, and that may not be so bad!

  • A child changes constantly as they grow. We also are meant to grow by the choices we make on how to relate to life. God invites us to keep growing through Christ.

  • A reassessment on what really matters is liberating!

  • Wanting more and more is a substitute for resting in God, an illusion!

  • A consumerist attitude can drown us and stunt our real growth. Jesus reminds us that a branch that is pruned bears much fruit. He also tells us that His word prunes us.

Thank you, dear God, for your word because You have the words of eternal life!

15 June 2020

15 June 2020