It was international women’s day last Monday.

I attended a celebration of this event at a gathering at Xavier College on Bathurst Island.

Previous to that I had visited several classrooms in the same College that morning.

When I spoke, I reminded us all  that God created us, men, and women, and that all human beings are equal.

I reminded the boys and men present that a really strong man is never violent to women. That a bully is not a strong person but acts out of inner weakness.

I reminded the girls present to never let anyone’s actions towards them make them believe that they are inferior to anyone else.

I reminded the young people that the  speaker of the parliament in the NT is an aboriginal woman, and so is one of our senators in federal parliament.

A number of women present  shared stories about how they  achieved goals despite challenges.

In our Catholic tradition Mary, the mother of Jesus, is seen as being more important than the Apostles.

Many cultures have learnt a lot over the centuries about the equality of men and women.

The Holy Spirit keeps on helping us to continue recognising more clearly God’s plan for the role of women in church.

Pope Francis is putting more women in leadership roles in Church life.

We need to continue to listen to the Holy Spirit as God’s plan continues to unfold, and listen more attentively.

Respect is for all human beings, men, and women alike.

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