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I had a wonderful man as my spiritual director.  He was Fr Ted O’Conner SJ.

He helped me in my first few years of priestly ministry.

One of his many sayings which I remember is:

‘No thing is impossible; it  just takes a bit longer!“   Sometimes when I have a difficult conversation to make, I find myself thinking about it and feeling apprehensive.

Sometimes I find myself putting off difficult things that I have to do.

While I think that this is understandable, I think that we do not have to let these challenges destroy our peace.

If we believe that we are doing the right thing, then we need to trust in the power of God’s grace.

A good question to ask is:

‘Is what I am doing a loving thing to do?’

Sometimes what we are apprehensive about is ‘how will people react to what I am  doing? ‘ We can focus too much on ourselves instead of reaching out.

Lent reminds us not to put off difficult decisions.

With the grace of God, we  are able to do what is right, and not just what is easy.

Living the moment instead of racing ahead over rehearsing difficult conversations can also reduce our anxiety.

The truth sets us free!

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