I have a tendency to want things resolved and not left, not dealt with.

Maybe I got it from my father who never went to sleep without making sure that nothing was left on the kitchen sink but was put away where it belonged before he went to bed.

Those who see my desk know that I have not quite inherited my father’s rather fastidious tendency with tidiness!

However, when it comes to human relations that  is when I try to ensure that there is harmony and peace.

When I experience tension in a relationship It tends to play on my mind.

I do not think that is a bad thing.

I know that in some families people have had strained relationships for years.

I find that very sad.

Jesus said, be wise as serpents, but meek as lambs.

All relationships need reflection.

No relationships should ever be taken for granted.

Jesus also spoke about being able to forgive not seven but seventy-seven times.

We can be complex beings.

I believe that respect has to always be our guide.

One of the things, among many, that I am learning from our aboriginal brothers and sisters, is that often things take time.

We cannot always resolve things quickly.

We can never give up being open to healing and reconciliation.

The concept of ‘Tough Love ‘ reminds us that there are times  when we need to make tough decisions. These may at times have painful consequences. Yet in everything Love. This is never Simplistic!

As we continue our Lenten journey, relationships with others, with all the challenges that it involves, need on-going reflection and action.

Lord grant me the wisdom to do everything with love always with respect.

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