Today is the second day of Holy Week.

Sunday, Palm Sunday was the first.

This is the most sacred week of the year.

Of course everyday is sacred throughout the year. However ritual and celebration are part of all human culture and society.

We celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc.

In Holy Week we enter liturgically into the mystery of the Kerygma ie the passion death and resurrection of Jesus.

These events are central to our faith. It is a week full of Holy drama.

Liturgy is prayer drama, it helps enter into the celebration of mystery.

This drama in the life of Jesus is also our drama. It helps us to focus on hope and living full lives.

There is betrayal, mental, physical, and spiritual suffering. There is temptation to despair, to run away from loving. There is redemption and resurrection. There is the triumph of Love.

It is time for prayer and reflection. It is a time for penance, spiritual discipline. We do without some things such as fasting and not taking luxuries and putting money aside to help those in need.

It is time for conversion. It is a time to allow God to purify us.

A time for confessing our sins and experiencing being healed and cherished.

We continue our journey in faith, hope and love.

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