Today we start Holy Week.

Jesus enters Jerusalem riding on the colt of a donkey. It Is a triumphant entrance into the heart of Judaism.


It is the entrance of the Messiah into the city. The people are jubilant and welcoming.

A few days later, the people possibly some of those who welcomed him, call for his execution!

How quickly things can change!


It is the same Jesus who experiences both situations.

Of course his emotional reactions react differently to each situation.


However in both situations Jesus is anchored in the Love of his father. He is committed to doing the Will of his Father.


This week we celebrate the story of the heart of our salvation.


Through prayer, reflection and celebration we are invited to also renew our commitment to the will of God in our life.

God wants nothing but the best for us.

Doing God’s will is doing what is best for us.

It is not the easy option but it is the loving and the life giving option.

It will be great to take part in the ceremonies of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. They build on from one to the other. They are a bit of a package. It is Holy Drama.

It is our story!

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