Review is necessary for growth.

Without review we become stale.


To see means to see reality as it really is and not what I think that it is.

We are all conditioned for good and also for not so good.

Our culture, our family life, our personal experiences all influence how we think, how we see life around us.


To judge means that we assess and reflect on life. We are able to make choices. We are not conditioned to the degree that we cannot change. It is always possible to change. As we mature we learn to make our own decisions. We can change our views as to what is right and wrong. An obvious example would be someone growing up in a Mafia family with their ‘code of ethics’ discovering how much of it is immoral and wrong ethically.


To act means to take action, to move beyond aspiration to action. So often we desire to do what is right but for a number of reasons do not act.


Jesus said ‘Not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of God but those who do the will of my Father.’


In lent we are called to see judge act so that we can embrace the will of God in our life, and also embrace life fully

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