Yesterday was the feast of the Annunciation.

It is 9 months from Christmas.

In this feast we celebrate the incarnation of The Word of God.

Mary was invited by the angel Gabriel to become the mother of Jesus.

This request was something that she could not understand. However, she believed that it was God who had invited her to do so, she accepted.

Mary’s act of faith and trust ushers a new era for all of humanity.

She is able to say ‘The Lord has done great things for me.’


Like Mary we are invited to say yes to God’s invitation to cooperate with him in the ongoing act of salvation. In Jesus God becomes flesh and we who are flesh are called to now be the ‘body’ of Christ in the world today and every day.


Mary is the physical mother of Jesus.

However, she is also mother of the church, our mother.

She is our friend our helper helping us to say yes to God like she did.


Despite our weakness God has done great things for us.

Sometimes we can be discouraged by our weakness.


The amazing love of God is with us.

Because of him we can also do amazing things!

We do not need to get discouraged!

In God, in Jesus there is always hope!

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