Do you ever imagine God looking at you in the person of Jesus.

Looking at your eyes and smiling, with eyes full of love and warmth.

He looks at you at the moment of your conception and sees you for the miracle that you are.

He looks back into your childhood, that little child, in their mother’s arms and loves you.

He delights in you with tenderness.

He sees you growing up and is excited for you.

He knows that sometimes you struggle and he loves you.

He knows that sometimes you have let yourself and others down. He knows everything about you.

A husband and a wife are together. He looks at her eyes and says,

‘Mary I do not think that you have forgiven my past infidelities! ‘

‘John of course I have forgiven you!! However don’t you dare forget that I have forgiven you!!’

The sinner comes before God and says

‘Lord forgive my many sins!’

God looks with loving eyes and says,

‘Sins, what sins?’

‘I cannot remember them!’

Those eyes have always been looking at you with infinite love. Those eyes will always eternally look at you with love beyond imaging.

How can you ever put yourself down?

How can you ever give up trying to respond to the invitation to be holy?

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