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Today is the feast of St Joseph.

It is a special day for me today. On the 19th of March 1965 I left Malta as a 12-year old about to turn 13 (I became a teenager the day we crossed the equator) and migrated to Australia with my family.

It took 3-1/2 weeks by ship.

I remember the day like as if it was yesterday.

There were eight in our family group as we travelled together.

Three of us are still alive, the rest have gone ahead to the fullness of life.

I remember them all fondly with much love.

Today the universal Church remembers in a special way another member of our big church family, Saint Joseph.

He was that faithful man of deep faith, who trusted God and looked after Mary and Jesus on God’s Word, even when he could not understand all that was happening.

Pope Francis has dedicated this year to him.

He is great example of unconditional and unselfish love.

He is a strong man because of his profound respect and commitment.

He reminds us that we need to be liberated from the tyrant of the ego.

The ego brings that insecure fearful self, needing to prove itself right all the time.

No wonder that St Mary McKillop, and so many other founders of religious orders in the church, nominated him as their patron.

He stays in the background doing God’s work. We do not all need to be upfront to achieve great things.

We are great when we humbly do the task allotted to us with generosity, gratitude, and love!

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