Two days ago I had the privilege of visiting a lady in one of our hospitals.

She is elderly and very seriously ill.

She had asked to see a priest.

I will not use her real name , I will call her Mary.

Mary responded immediately to my greeting . She looked weak but was fully aware of what was happening.

On the table next to her bed were a pair of rosary beads.

We introduced our selves to each other.

I felt a peacefulness in the room.

We preceded to celebrate the sacraments.

Knowing how ill she was the anointing took a special meaning . The laying on of hands on the head proceeded by the anointing on the forehead and hands were prayerful and within the same feeling of peace.

We continued with holy communion.

After the blessings we chatted for a while.

She knew too well that she was facing a special time of transition into eternal life.

She ministered to me as much as I ministered to her.

I left her room much enriched.

What a precious gift we have in having Jesus and in sharing in his resurrection.

We spoke about how he faced death and the challenges associated with it which I believe  straightened us both.

What a beautiful person Mary is!

I certainly want to accompany her with prayer.

Lent reminds us not to forget that we are on a journey towards eternal life.

Of course we are called to live life fully here in this life and need to be immersed in it.

However there is more to come , this life is the beginning of our existence.

Our destiny is eternity.

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