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The Irish people for many reasons migrated to many parts of the world.

St Patrick is attributed to be the great missionary of Ireland.

He is one of a number of Missionaries who evangelised Europe after the fall of the Roman empire.

They found ways of connecting the gospel to the cultures of various peoples.

The Irish were among the first European peoples to come to Australia.

Many of them were catholic.

In fact, Catholics in Ireland were fiercely persecuted for their faith by the British occupiers.

By the time they came to Australia many had experienced persecution for their Catholic faith.

Irish Catholic priests and bishops were the predominant clergy to serve the Catholic Church in this country for the first hundred years or so. We owe a lot to them.

We all share in St Patrick’s missionary call.

Our baptism calls us all to be missionary.

We do this firstly by the way that we live our lives.

While the Gospel message is for all peoples of all time, it needs to be contextualised to our time and culture.

This is not changing our faith or message but marking it intelligible to the people of our time.

Our faith is not static, our understanding keeps on evolving under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We need to be engaged in a new wave of evangelisation.

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