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Jesus revealed to us that in God’s inner life, God is three DIVINE PERSONS who we know as FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT.

There is one God and only one God. However, because of this revelation we know that within who God is there is dynamic, ‘mind blowing’ Infinite communion of amazing LOVE!!

The ‘Father’ loves the ‘SON’ with a perfect love and the SON LOVES the ‘Father’ with a perfect love, and the love between them we call the ‘Holy Spirit’.

Try as we can our mind cannot imagine and properly conceptualise this mystery.

This amazing dynamic love is responsible for all that there is in what we call creation. It is a love that reaches to all creation, it is not ‘closed in’. We are a result of that love.

The ‘Son’ became Jesus, truly human, not make believe human and truly God, not creature.

In Jesus God laughs, cries, dances, shares our pain, shares our death and all that is truly human, except sin.

We also share his Resurrection and life eternal.

Through Baptism we are adopted into the inner life of God!

Through baptism, though creatures, we share in the divine!

The love with which the ‘Father’ loves Jesus the ‘Father’ loves us!

We are Loved beyond what we can dream or imagine!

Jesus prayed that we may be one with each other like the ‘Father’ and Jesus are one! ‘May they be completely one so that the world will know that it was you who sent me!’

What an amazing mission we have!!

Being Christian is not just about ‘my salvation, about our salvation’, it is, but it is more.

It is about reaching out to others, it is about community of love and service.

It is about transcending time, place, gender, culture etc. and being truly one communion of love.

A love that is light of the world and salt of the earth. A LOVE that serves and embraces all.

Thank You God for this awesome mystery, the mystery of Yourself. Thank you for the mystery of ourselves!

Our language is limited, our understanding is limited, we can be so fickle and weak but You never give up on us.

Glory be to the ‘Father’ and to the ‘Son’ and to the ‘Holy Spirit’ for ever!!

7 June 2020

7 June 2020