A bereavement

This week I had the privilege of celebrating my uncle’s funeral.


John was married to my mother’s younger sister Yvonne.


He was born in Northern Italy at the beginning of World War II. He migrated to Australia with his parents and two siblings when still quite young.


John married my auntie and they had three boys, my cousins, all had children.


His grandson Adam gave a wonderful eulogy on behalf of the family.


It was down-to-earth, respectful, truthful, humorous and very loving at the same time.


I was conscious of so many members of my family present at the mass. Others could not be physically present but were still connected with us all the same.


At the homily, I reminded us all how important it is to own our feelings including the feelings associated with grief. However, I also spoke about the feelings associated with hope and love.


This was a celebration of love. Our love for John, his love for us, our love for each other and God’s love for us all.


We also remembered that the Resurrection of Jesus did really happen.


The drama of the death and resurrection of Jesus is also our story, our drama …


We are called to be together and with God forever.


We entrusted John with God’s hope and embrace.


I was strengthened and comforted.


It was good to be together as family and friends at this time.


Thank God for the hope that comes to us through Jesus…