A call, an invitation to integration in Christ

I have found myself reflecting on my childhood memories quite often recently.

I think Christmas is certainly in part contributing to these thoughts.


So many people contribute to who we are.


Certainly, my parents and so many other members of my family who have gone to God already keep coming to my thoughts.


These people have helped shape who I am in so many ways!


These thoughts set me thinking about who I am.  Although I am approaching seventy years of age there is still within me a remnant of that little Maltese boy.


I am very much at home and indeed at one with the people I know and love here.

Also so deeply connected with this amazing environment of bush, oceans and the rest.


I believe that we are constantly in the process of becoming. We are not stuck.

Advent reminds us to get unstuck.


The divine potter keeps moulding us.

Unlike the clay, in potting, we are invited to freely cooperate with the divine Grace calling us into growing to being our true self.


We are not robots! We are beloved sons and daughters!


Do I trust God at least as a child trusts their parent?


Am I learning to love myself and to see myself as God loves me and sees me?


It is a good road to follow.




Image credit: Valkyrie Pierce via Unsplash