A good reminder

I was still feeling a bit tired one morning last week. There were quite a few things on my mind. I did not feel very energetic and felt a bit introspective.

I went outside to water some young trees in the area between the Presbytery and the Cathedral.


As I was watering, I looked around at the morning light around me. The foliage on the trees looked bright as did the various colours that reflected from them.


As I focused on what was around me, I felt energy surging in me and I heard the echo of Saint Francis of Assisi’s prayer:

‘help me not to search to be loved but to love…in giving we receive…’


My lethargy left me, and I felt re-energised.


We waste so much time focusing on ourselves instead of life-giving engagement!

There is a healthy reflection and unhealthy introspection…


Living the Now remembering God’s unconditional Love is so liberating…