A new year!

We have started a new year. There are some things that we can predict and others that we cannot predict.


Is this not true at every moment?


What is normal?


I suppose that we can reasonably predict that we will be hungry, that we will experience temperature changes we will need to clean our teeth need to wash. There are other things that we can reasonably expect to happen…


There is so much unknown. Realistically speaking I do not know for sure that I will be alive tomorrow. I probably will but I cannot be sure.


It is normal for things not to be normal.


Jesus told us to live day by day ‘tomorrow has enough problems of its own‘.


He told us that we do not know the day or the hr when we need to be able to give an account for our lives before God.


He is really telling us not to waste this time of living.


He calls us to be fully human, fully who we are meant to be.

Each moment is Graced and an invitation to live in Grace.


We are in the embrace of God cherished and unconditionally loved.


Today we celebrate the feast of Mary Mother of the Church. She is the first Disciple of Jesus.


She trusted God fully and gave birth to the Saviour of the world.


She is a role model of Faith.


We are also called to be Christ-bearers modelling Faith as light of the world and salt of the earth.


We who celebrate hope because of Jesus call the world to authentic living, faith, hope and love…




Image credit: Ray Hennessy via Unsplash