A tapestry of faith

As I write this reflection I am sitting with a crowd of people at the Daughters of Charity convent here in Darwin.

These are the sisters of Mother Teresa. They do an amazing job Ministering here in the NT.

They reach out in a special way to our First Nations people. However, they reach out to so many others as well.


As I look around I can see young and older. Lots of First Nations people, former refugees, so many nationalities represented…

Young and old, rich and poor.


This is a Christmas occasion. Carols are being sung…the nativity story is being dramatised.


These good sisters live simple lives, they live poverty and a life of commitment to God and their neighbour.


Just before I came here I was at another Christmas celebration in the hall next to our Cathedral, where young people from various youth groups came together. I thank God for them and the youth Minister’s presence.


When I leave here I will attend another Christmas celebration this time at the race course. This will be run by the Saint Vincent de Paul Society for another group of people including lots of families with children, many of whom face many challenges.


I cannot but thank God for all these good people who organised all these activities.

I thank God for Jesus who brought us all together.