Acceptance and peace

I was driving after having celebrated Mass in the Cathedral yesterday. I was heading to Karama to join the Timorese community to celebrate Independence Day Mass.


It was a sunny morning and the trees sparkled in the sun. I delighted in the attractive beauty of the different shades of green and other colours.

This started off a chain of thoughts.


I want to hold on to beauty and goodness and I want it to fully quell the longings in my heart. Yet this longing points beyond it.  So many good things fill our lives and they are wonderful to experience.


Yet there is a longing for more.


The words of Augustine come to mind:

‘Our hearts are restless until they rest in you…’ he was referring to God.


When we understand this, we come to a level of peace. Healthy detachment combined with this trust in faith, this acceptance is liberating.


However, when we try to fill in the longing with some created thing then we will be disappointed.


That is why some people:

Drink too much…

Take drugs…

Indulge in unhealthy sexual gratification…

Resort to violence etc., etc.


They look for that excitement, that ‘high‘.


What do I try to fill the deepest longing in my heart with?


Advent is a time of reflection.

A time for decision making.

A time for healthy action…

A time to embrace what really matters.





Image credit: Marcos Paulo Prado via Unsplash