‘No one in this world is pure and perfect.

If you avoid people for their mistakes, you will be alone in this world.

Do judge less and love more.’

I came across this saying today and it rang true to me straight away.


It resonated with another phrase:

‘The one who wants a perfect friend remains friendless.’


Both are true of all relationships including that of marriage.

There is no loving relationship that will last without forgiveness and acceptance.


This is also true about ourselves. If we are not accepting of self, if we do not accept our shadows as well as our strengths, if we do not forgive ourselves, if we cannot love ourselves then we are not able to do all these with others.


If I truly believe the words and promise of Jesus, then we will know and trust that we are truly accepted, deeply valued, and unconditionally loved by God forever.


If we accept this then indeed we can truly accept ourselves and others.


One of the most disempowering things is to be self-condemning and punishing because of our mistakes.


The biggest mistake is to make a mistake and then give up trying to continue to grow. We can get trapped in helplessness and feel the power to resist our mistakes. We can love our shadows into healing and help transform them into corresponding strengths.


As we truly love and accept others, as we grow in the unconditional love of all, then we encounter God more clearly and deeply.


As we grow in healthy self-love we grow in our potential and continue to discover our God-given gifts.






Image credit: Le Minh Phuong via Unsplash