Accepting healing

When we do not deal with issues in our lives appropriately, they do not go away.


Rather they tend to fester.


Repressed anger, hurt, fear, guilt, pain etc when not acknowledged can affect our behaviour.


Excessive drinking can lower our inhibitions and sensors. Inappropriate behaviour can be a result.


The combination of repression and alcohol or some other chemical can and does cause so much harm to relationships.


There are appropriate and effective ways of dealing with hurts of various types. Relational counselling, therapy, prayer and spiritual counselling are among effective ways of dealing with pain.


Naming addiction problems and accepting their existence is a good start that can lead to seeking help.


When acting inappropriately, words and actions can be said or done to others that may take years to heal.


Our faith calls us to the liberation of Christ who calls us to embrace life and live it in freedom and liberation. The truth will set us free.


The most profound truth is that We are infinitely and unconditionally loved.